Stupid is as stupid does

Today is Julia’s third birthday and despite the fact that her brother is cutting multiple teeth at once and has been running a high fever since last night, is rejecting any long-term sleeping and eating efforts and has spent every waking moment wailing, we’ve managed to have a pretty good day so far.

So what if I’m ready to crack a Corona at 1 pm? My little girl’s having a good birthday and that’s all that matters. Right?

My functioning brain cells have been split between making my miserable baby as comfortable as possible and keeping Julia’s birthday high at a dull roar, so admittedly, I’m a bit fried right now. I wanted to write a nice little post about how three years ago today I became a mama, how wonderful Julia is and how much she’s changed my life, but that would require an amount of thought and diction that I’m clearly not capable of at the moment, so instead I’ll tackle a subject I can definitely relate to right now: stupidity.

Last week, Arabella tagged me with a cool-ass, homegrown Stupid Meme, so here goes… (more…)