Honeymooning in Rome in Luxury

Whether you are doing Rome in luxury or figuring out a way to get the most out of Tuscany, Italy certainly will not disappoint eager honeymooners seeking a romantic and memorable experience.
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Rome is a city packed full of fabulous architecture, rich with culture, overflowing with amazing restaurants and mouthwatering cuisine and full to the brim with beautiful people.


Brand name power

A couple of nights ago Dave came downstairs with a bunch of red licorice in his hand. “Want some?” he asked.

“Um, yeah,” I said. Like, duh. He knows red licorice is my favorite. He tossed me a few whips. They were smooth and almost wet-feeling. Ew. Frickin’ Nibs.

I sighed and tossed them back to him. “Here. You can eat these.” He gave me a funny look. “Why? You don’t want them?” “No, they’re Nibs. Nibs are disgusting.”

He rolled his eyes. “It’s licorice. It’s all the same. There’s no difference.”

I gasped. “There is too! Nibs are sweeter and they feel kind of slimy” I explained. “Twizzlers are fruitier tasting and they have those ridges on them, you know? The flavor is fuller, more robust.” I waved my hand around in the air for effect.

He snorted. “Robust? Babe, we’re talking about licorice. Not wine.” “Shut up. There’s a big difference,” I huffed.

And there is. Sure, they’re made by the same company but saying Nibs taste the same as Twizzlers is like saying Coke is the same as Pepsi. There’s just no comparison, if you ask me.


Top 5 Unusual Places to Visit in Australia

As the only country on Earth that is also an entire continent, it should come as no surprise that Australia boasts thousands of potential destinations for visitors who head to the outback each year.

However, many of the most popular destinations can become inundated with tourists, making it a less than authentic experience. For an Australian vacation that goes beyond the urban cities of Sydney and Melbourne, consider these top 5 unusual places to visit in Australia:

Blue Mountains

Although most people consider Sydney to be one of the best destinations in Australia, just a few miles to the West of the bustling city you will find the majestic and stunning Blue Mountains.

Home to several national parks and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Blue Mountains is one of the least frequented sites in Australia, although arguably one of the more beautiful. The temperature is much colder up in the mountains than along the coast just an hour’s drive away, making it ideal for those who want pleasant temperatures for outdoor recreational activities.



I go into my closet sometimes and pull my jewelry box down from where it’s hidden on the shelf, underneath winter sweaters and clothes from my thinner days that I can’t bear to part with.

I sit down on my bed with the box in my lap and when I close my eyes I hear my mother’s voice telling me about the day she saw it through a storefront window, how beautiful she thought it was and how grown-up it made her feel, her first real jewelry box. I remember when she gave it to me, at a pivotal point in my teenage years.

I look at the images she chose to decoupage the leather with before passing it on, images that are, without a shadow of a doubt, decidedly ‘me’.

I open the lid and breathe in the familiar smell – the sweetness of the Tiger Balm she’d rub on her forehead during a migraine spell and the musty smell of old leather, of history, of years passed. I breathe in deeply. The smell makes me feel close to her somehow.


Self Portrait Challenge Inked

This month’s Self Portrait Challenge theme has been ‘Introduce Yourself’. I was thinking last night about what I could do for today’s picture and suddenly remembered my tattoos.
Not that I forget about them, but since all but one are on my back I don’t see them that often, so they’re not at the forefront of my mind, ya know?

(Apologies in advance for the poor photos and quality…these are scanned pics…)

The first tattoo I got was the sun on my right shoulder blade;

I was sixteen. At the time I was a big Rollins Band fan and admired the sun Henry Rollins has tattooed on his back — that’s where I got the motivation for my first tat. I love the colors of this tattoo; after all these years the reds, yellows, and oranges really stand out.


Re-live the Olympics in Sydney

With the Olympic’s fast approaching next year, let’s take a stroll down memory lane to the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

5715507368 e826d2a9bc Re live the Olympics in Sydney

The 2000 Sydney Olympics was one of the most memorable Olympic Games of all time. With its stunning location and impeccable organization, it was enjoyed by the world and made every Australian proud.

Although the Games have long since finished and have moved on to various other parts of the world, the legacy of the Sydney Games lives on and thousands of people still make the journey to the Olympic village to re-live the historic event.


Annoyed, in general

Ever get in those moods where everything just annoys the shit out of you? And no matter how hard you try to not get annoyed, you just end up getting more annoyed than you ever thought possible, so by mid-day you feel like your head is going to explode?

Hi. That’s me.

Everything – and I mean everything – is annoying me today. The cornbread crumbs I’ve been stepping on all morning, the gigantic turd that wormed its way out the side of Oliver’s diaper and down his leg, the asshole in the truck behind me who repeatedly honked.

He made rude gestures at me because I~gasp!~ had the nerve to stop at a red light, the stubborn, bossy brat who has replaced my normally mild-mannered, easygoing daughter: “Can I have a snack? Can I have a snack? Can I have a snack? Can I have a snack?


Self Portrait Challenge: Pop Art #1

Sometimes I feel like I’m going a bit crazy. It’s like I have three kids sometimes

A few nights ago Dave and I were getting Julia ready for bed – I brushed her teeth and hair and once she’d put her jammies on, we tiptoed into her room (so we didn’t wake her sleeping brother).

Dave was lying on her bed waiting for us and we crawled in and snuggled together, Julia in between us. We were goofing around and being silly; Dave was trying to get Julia to stick her finger in my armpit and we were both tickling her, drinking up her infectious giggles.


A Strawberry Shortcake party and an epiphany

Living with my mom meant living with clutter. She couldn’t bear to part with anything even remotely sentimental and she was an incurable collector: china, antiques, pill boxes, books, sheet music…anything. It wasn’t so bad when I was a kid, but as I got older and her health started to decline the clutter really started to build up; she couldn’t clean and organize the way she once could. very once and a while I’d go on a huge cleaning spree and throw out a bunch of crap only to have her get pissed off because I threw out a scrap of paper from the seventies.

Her house was packed from stem to stern with stuff. One could barely move around without knocking something off of the wall or sending a stack of books to topple to the floor. There were things jammed in every corner, piled under furniture, shoved in closets; her house was a claustrophobic’s nightmare.

After she died the task of cleaning it out fell on mine and Dave’s shoulders and lemmie tell ya, it made me physically ill when I thought of the amount of work that lay ahead of us. We ended up having a one-ton garbage bin dropped in the driveway, which we filled and had dumped five times. We threw out five tons of crap, and by crap I mean teaching curriculum from the sixties, every card my grandparents received on their fiftieth wedding anniversary, receipts from gifts purchased in 1984, boxes upon boxes of sheet music and broken furniture. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Stupid is as stupid does

Today is Julia’s third birthday and despite the fact that her brother is cutting multiple teeth at once and has been running a high fever since last night, is rejecting any long-term sleeping and eating efforts and has spent every waking moment wailing, we’ve managed to have a pretty good day so far.

So what if I’m ready to crack a Corona at 1 pm? My little girl’s having a good birthday and that’s all that matters. Right?

My functioning brain cells have been split between making my miserable baby as comfortable as possible and keeping Julia’s birthday high at a dull roar, so admittedly, I’m a bit fried right now. I wanted to write a nice little post about how three years ago today I became a mama, how wonderful Julia is and how much she’s changed my life, but that would require an amount of thought and diction that I’m clearly not capable of at the moment, so instead I’ll tackle a subject I can definitely relate to right now: stupidity.

Last week, Arabella tagged me with a cool-ass, homegrown Stupid Meme, so here goes… (more…)