Annoyed, in general

Ever get in those moods where everything just annoys the shit out of you? And no matter how hard you try to not get annoyed, you just end up getting more annoyed than you ever thought possible, so by mid-day you feel like your head is going to explode?

Hi. That’s me.

Everything – and I mean everything – is annoying me today. The cornbread crumbs I’ve been stepping on all morning, the gigantic turd that wormed its way out the side of Oliver’s diaper and down his leg, the asshole in the truck behind me who repeatedly honked.

He made rude gestures at me because I~gasp!~ had the nerve to stop at a red light, the stubborn, bossy brat who has replaced my normally mild-mannered, easygoing daughter: “Can I have a snack? Can I have a snack? Can I have a snack? Can I have a snack?

I want a snack! GET ME A SNACK!”, listening to Oliver scream his face off the entire way home this morning, being forced to sit through two painful episodes of Little Bear (gawd…that bear’s almost as bad as Caillou)…I’m finding it all a tad annoying today.

My children are now in their rooms – Oliver’s crashed and Julia’s bouncing on her bed singing the Little Einstein’s theme song over and over – and I’m about to take shower, without any 100-legged guests, I hope. ‘Cause that would be really annoying.

But before I go, something that’s not annoying: the Perfect Post Awards are up today – check ‘em out if you get a chance. After reading A Day In The Life, I knew immediately that it was the post I wanted to nominate – I love how Tree wrote about her family and the chaos that comes with having three boys, and how although each of them are living their own lives and working through their own routines, they all come together as a family, sharing a strong connection.

It left me with such a good feeling – how at the end of the day, the busy hustle and bustle of family life is exhausting, but incredibly rewarding, and so worth it. I just love this post, and I hope you do, too.