A May Date at the Cannes Film Festival: More Romantic than You Think

Head out to London, Paris and Rome on an exquisite tour with a detour to the Cannes Film Festival during your stay next May.

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Cannes Film Festival

Secluded getaways have become passé. Couples want to experience the hub and vivacity of colorful and picturesque destinations. One of these is Cannes, and a good time to visit this beautiful French Riviera city is during the month of May.

Why? Because this is the time when the weather is warm, mild and enjoyable.

Clear blue skies greet you while the occasional spring showers add an extra dash of romance. And it is also Cannes Film Festival time, an annual event where stars from across the world descend, and movies from A-list directors and first-time talent are showcased.

It doesn’t hurt that Cannes is home to a number of classy restaurants, luxury shops, and hotels. Couples will have much to see, do and experience! A trip to Cannes also gives you the opportunity to explore surrounding areas like Nice, which are famous for their scenic beauty and medieval architecture.

Cannes Film Festival: What you can look forward to

Open air cinema

Cinéma de la Plage is the outdoor theater of the Cannes Film Festival. Literally meaning ‘Cinema of the Beach’, it is the perfect romantic place to enjoy some of the most-discussed movies of the year with that special someone. This was actually the only place in Cannes that reminded me of Rome, that great destination for a honeymoon trip.

A beachfront location, a large projection screen right on the beach, stars twinkling above you…..this is one date you won’t forget for a long time. Every night of the Cannes film festival, one movie is screened at 8.30 pm. You can cuddle up with your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend on the sand or perch comfortably on the chairs placed outside.

Celeb spotting

You may be treating your girlfriend to delicacies in the posh Rue d’Antibes shopping street or taking in the beautiful luxury yachts on the harbor….and viola!, you spot Leonardo DiCaprio, Adriana Lima or Madonna just a few feet away from you.

Cannes is the best place for celeb spotting; this is where the crème de la crème of the film and modeling world come to party during festival time. You can also catch them in full glamour and splendor on the Cannes red carpet. If your girlfriend or wife is a fashionista, she will love to check out the designer gowns and jewelry flaunted by stunning supermodels and top Hollywood actresses.

Souvenirs to remember your trip by

Even if you prefer to experience the more swanky side of Cannes, make some time to shop for some Cannes Film Festival souvenirs at tents that are set-up on the festival grounds. Film posters, t-shirts, mugs, watches, and bags are some of the many things you can pick up for yourself, friends, family or neighbors. The sea looks calm, almost like in Australia, but the world here is so different…

The Cannes Film Festival is a super-popular event – it is best to book your accommodation in advance. The good news is that you will find a number of Cannes luxury villas and apartments to suit your personal preferences and budget. The high-end and luxurious accommodation options deliver excellent value for money, catering to all your comfort needs impeccably.